Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The "Chaddi Gal" is back in "The Killer"

Chaddi Gal kaun?

You probably haven't read my James review.

I am referring to Nisha Kothari. She was introduced by Ramu in Sarkar and unleashed (literally) again by Ramu in James. She did sound like a promising "figure" in the new line of exposure. But I must say her charm is not showing up any longer. To my dismay she was wrapped in a saree instead of small chaddis in The-Killer! We might have to wait for Ramu to reincarnate the chaddi gal with better outfit.

Moving ahead ... lets discuss the movie.

Why did I see the movie?
Obviously because I had time and a dollar to spare. But on a serious note, I like to watch Irfan Khan on screen. Remember his movie "7½ Phere" with Juhi,. He acted so well.

Movie name is missing.
As per the popular Bollywood nomenclature (Daag: the fire, Gupt: The Hidden Truth, Daud: Fun on the Run, etc), this movie has a missing title. "The Killer" as per Bollywood nomenclature is only the second part of the title. Where is the first part? here are some suggestions:
Khuni: The Killer
Tharki: The Killer
For an extensive list of "the" movies, see the following post.

They did it again!
Again they made a movie in which the police show up on time and kill the villian; hero-heroine sing ding-dong happily ever after. BTW, "police show up on time" is justified by the fact that we are not talking about Indian Police, this is Dubai police.

I wish they killed the hero:
The fact that "Imran Hashmi" is an hero in any Bollywood movie, is so untolerable. I would love to watch Tushar Kapoor more than Hashmi. Irfan Pathan looks good in his "villain, the killer" role. I was really hoping that Irfan kills Hashmi in the final sequence, but that didn't happen. Think about this: Chaddi gal kills Hashmi for some XYZ reason, and finally chaddi-gal runs away with the Killer for some ABC reason! Wah, kya ending hota!!!!!

The distance traveled by any Hindi movie for its shoot is directly proportional to the finance and the fees of people involved in it. For instance, it is obvious to expect Karan Johar's movie with Shah Rukh Khan and Preity to be shot in probably the farthest most expensive place: New York. The most expensive possession in "the Killer" was Irfan Khan. Obviously the producers were on a tight budget after paying Irfan. With budget so tight, cast so unworthy and demand of script to be shot in a foreign location (Note: The main theme of this movie is Police on time which cannot happen in India). So where do you go? Dubai-eeeeeeee! Dubai perfectly fits in the equation.
  • It is foreign, technically.
  • Rates of Dubai air ticket are equal or less then the Mumbai-Delhi ticket.
  • You have Hindi/Urdu speaking people, so you can design your script better.
  • It becomes easy for you to sell your movie in the middle east.
  • Dubai looks more foreign then any other affordable foreign locations.

Bottom line:
Watch the movie only with friends on small screen. Do not expect a lot from the chaddi gal. Irfan Khan is average. Movie script is stolen from Hollywood movie and executed in the typical Bhat e-style. Songs i.e. item numbers, are just average. You might like the very first item number! Chaddi-gal did do a little jalwa in it.

time+dimaag ka dahi+expectations-bad performance-no innovation-no heat=paisa barbad

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