Friday, November 05, 2010

Shaktimaan revisited

Watching the unintended hilarity of Shaktimaan on TV. Everyone's hamming away to glory!!! This is getting funnier by the minute.

Shaktimaan is doing past life regression with a crazed chick who claims to have been waiting for him for 5000 years. In the flashback, we get to know how the chick falls for him and tries to coax Shaktimaan into a Gandharva vivah. He has love only for God (ha ha) and tells her to bugger off. So chick takes a vow that she'll get her maan (urf Shaktimaan) and does kathor tapasya for 1500 years and becomes a mayavi chick. Only to find out that Shaktimaan's past life avataar has kicked the bucket.

Mayavi chick says WTF? She obviously knows that a moron like Shaktimaan could never get enlightened so he will eventually get reincarnated. So she waits through the ages for Shaktimaan to get reborn while retaining her sexy avatar from her past life and gets herself an imposing palace as her pad.

Cut to present and the crazed bitch has become a witch and still wants to snag Shaktimaan and has kidnapped his "kabab-me-haddi" girlfriend (actually she is not his girlfriend but he secretly pines for her).

Shaktimaan is wondering WTF? He is wondering how to get rid of this crazed chick and get the Samay Yantra from her which he needs to save Earth. "Devi, samay vyarth na karo. Samay Yantra hame do aur hume Prithvi bachane do" Memorable stuff.

Now guess what? The serial ends here. Now my turn to say WTF? Anyways, I got my daily dose of entertainment from the idiot box.

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rakesh said...

very entertaining! I must say nothing beats Chandrakanta though. These serials should be strictly for adults.