Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Ram Gopal Verma fantasy.

+ sizzling babes
+ corrupt politicians and policeman
+ typical bollywood goondas
And one Tarzan-Bruce Lee types hero to fight them all!

This is JAMES..

What to expect from the movie? (not much, he he)

  1. Ramu masala, typical bollywood ishtyle...
  2. Veeru Devgan style, fight sequences.
  3. Chor-police-chor-police chases...
  4. A Bruce Lee types hero (read the hero section)
  5. Sizzzling songs and a lengthy lingerie’s advertisement.
  6. "Some" shots (special effects kind) are stunning.
  7. Ram Gopal Verma's innovative haunting background scores that don't go very well with screen play.

Hero?Lead actor from movie James

  1. A typical very confident hindi fillum super hero, whose only meherbani was that he didn't dodge bullets or catch swords in his hands.
  2. No bullet can strike him, no villain can kill him, no policeman can chase him.
  3. It seems Ramu wanted to cast Bruce Lee, but the nearest he could get was this guy.
  4. Now chill ... he is no way near to Bruce Lee.
  5. They have provided no justification on why he is such a great fighter.
  6. His physique is supposed to be body builder types but is no way close to that. He is still under developed.
  7. Dialogue delivery? Thankfully he had no dialogues in the movie.
  8. Dance? Thankfully he didn't dance in the movie.
  9. Humor? Thankfully he was not humorous in the movie.
  10. So what's new in him? He has his face pierced!! He he he ... Maybe a Goan thing, as per RGV :S

Lead actress from movie JamesYou know who she is: The girl who played a small role of “movie actress” in Sarkar. Every one might have his own view about her face/body etc... So I wont say much on that part. They made her sizzle in every possible frame. She either got herself some "inner clothes" or some "outer clothes". And if her clothes (whatever) were not transparent enough, water did the job. Smallest possible chaddis I might have seen in recent times! Basically another pretty face that is nicely exposed in the movie (all in censor limits). I can’t imagine about the edited sequences and what might have happened on and behind the sets!


  1. He covers his face with so much hair that only a small portion of his face is visible
  2. People should really really hate this kind of character
  3. For some unknown reason, he always tilts his neck or moves it around. Another way of being more villainish
  4. He is the ultimate power, every one in mumbai including the police fear him
  5. He has the governmentt and entire legal system under him
  6. He will shoot more bullets then words
  7. He will finally fight with the hero one on one since his ego is hurt! Very very filmi... I always have hopes from a movie villain, but this guy ruined it all.

Rest of the cast?

  1. Most of the Sarkar side-actors
  2. Sarkar's main villain acts as an part time villain.
  3. Baki ka public from Ramu's typical crew.
  4. I wont disclose the surprise cast element, in case you guys plan (dare) to watch the movie. (Probably the only enjoyable part, if you have no interest in the movie girl)

Bottom line:
This movie looks more like Ramu's fantasy for the heroine and over use of Sarkar cast and sets. Basically a low budget by-product of Sarkar with no script, purpose, entertainment value or justification for the exposure and violence. Watch it on video or vcd. Don't bother to waste your money on DVD if it costs more in your part of the world.

@heroiiiiiiiiiine(stills of Amoha from the movie)

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