Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Top 10 list: Ram Gopal Verma's Strategies...

  1. Sizzle and drizzle the lead actress as much as you can, staying in censor limits. Try to get a fresh face if possible.
  2. Show violence to the core, with Mumbai in back drop.
  3. Have some "surprise" elements here and there.
  4. Use and throw: Count on newcomers. He is really good in hunting talent.
  5. Innovative background music. He has been using this kind of music in many of his movies: Road, Sarkar, Naach ... and many others.
  6. Finally, end the movie abruptly! Entire movie can be "typical", but not the ending.
  7. Don't let the lead actor/actress (who are newcomers most of the time) open their mouth. Just cash on the face and body value. Muu khulnae pae insaan ke asliyat bahar aati hai, Vivek is an example. I thought he was a macho man, when I first saw Company! :(
  8. Portray every hero as an angry young man (even if he is a cute faced guy)
  9. Experiment on weird formulas like Road, Main madhuri, Bhoot, etc ... who knows what the audience might like?
  10. Last but the worst: Make one good movie, followed by a dozen flop fantasy experiments!

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