Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Intellectual or dumb? Watch Sakharam Binder

I saw this play with such great interest only to realize that I am too dumb to understand and appreciate the intellectual capabilities of the play writer and what his characters had to portray. Written by Vijay Tendulkar, this play was initially banned in India but translated in various languages and played at theaters in NY, Europe, etc. Marathi version had Sayagi Shinde and Sonali Kulkarni, both my favourite actors(English version was played by Sarita Choudhury and Bernard White in 2004). While most part of the play is very interesting and extremely indulging, it had the traits of great art work, which is: incomplete or abstract. Yes, for me the play ends abruptly without conclusion. For me Sonali Kulkarni for the first time was not at her best. she over acted in many scenes... Sayagi Shinde is a master actor, he should get an oscar or something. Wish the ending was better, but thats only me. I have no rights to criticize the work of a great playwright.

Above: Original poster of Sakharam Binder (Should be 1972 when it was first performed):

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