Monday, September 14, 2009

Ramu on the spree to defy himself: Agyaat

Phoonk, Bhoots, Naach, Aag and now Agyaat...

"Agar Ramu ka koi dushman hai too wo hai Ramu khud", is probably what he must be saying in filmy e-style after the release of his recent ramu-flop. Yes "ramu-flop", because "flop" or "super-flop" seems pale in front of what his movies do at box-office or where ever they play... No one reported but I am sure many might have broken there TV sets or committed suicide after watching Agyaat. I wonder who dare to watch or play such movie in Cinema Theater.

The story:


Above statement is the story of that movie. Yes blank! There is no story. There is no script, no direction, no acting, no real songs, no nothing... A bunch of cinema crew keep walking in an forest for the duration of the movie until most of them encounter random death; and when your brain reach the point of frustration ramu ends the movie saying, rest will be revealed in part 2!

My take on this movie:

Ramu gathered a bunch of new comers and asked them to contribute money for a Jungle picnic. As the collection exceeded his budget, he spends the excess money doping himself. Drugged ramu ended up shooting home videos of his jungle trip. At the end of his trip (still doped) he edits his clippings and releases it as Agyaat.

Ramu will eventually end up in gunnies book or win an special category Oscar for most unique and weird flops. I remember, when I saw Road I fought with my friends and explained them how Ramu's perspective is different, bla, bla... Then Naach happened and my entire frame of Ramu's image broke and shattered into pieces. He made Abhishekh Batchan, the son of Amitabh Batchan + Jaya and the grand son of ...(okay I dont want to mention a great man’s name here) literally crawl on the floor like an earthwork with salt over him. This guy has powers to convince big names to act for his movies. What surprises me even further is that Ramu has the guts to defend himself. He does not hesitate to say that all the -ve reviewers are fools; and that he fails to understand why his movies flop! Damn not a single taker on this planet... He should start a film institute and amongst other things groom his students to understand and appreciate his movie.

Chaddi Girl:

aka nisha aka priyanka kothari. What's wrong with this girl? Is she obsessed by or caged by a mad man? Can she not see the outcome of her work (or whatever it is)? She has shed every single of cloth permitted by the sensor board, yet she has not reached any where. Like Mumbai bars, she even changed her name, but no result. Suggestion to nisha, get away from ramu... I dont know what you are good for, but your path is certainly that of destruction... not your, our!


Ramu has mastered the jungle. Ever since the movie Jungle, ramu has used the woods in numerous films. Being a nature lover myself, I can appreciate the way Ramu portrays the Jungle... but then this is not NGC documentary. The most creative part of Agyaat was the weird and spooky trees. Ramu certainly has eye for trees, who else can boast such talent?

Camera angles:

I remember a scene where the camera started moving from top of a water fall and continued all the way down. There were many such weired obsure camera movements and angles. If some one would had shot the camera man filming in all such difficult positions, that would had been another movie in its own right.

What he writes on his blog:

"AGYAAT was designed as a concept on whether I as a director can through the use of just sound efx, background music and camera movements create a being just in the imagination of the audience and not show it at all"

Now that is called as fooling the audience. Ramu has certainly taken the audience for granted. Come on, people do experiments and research, but they don’t package and market the result as finished product to the junta. My advice to ramu: play with your camera, puppets and idea but at least seek some unbiased third or second opinion before releasing or calling it as “movie”.


I won’t be surprised if Ramu's next movie is Tarzen remake, as he already has discovered and mastered all the ingredients required for such movie: Jungle, new comers who would do anything for vada pav, local pass and Rs 20 per day, A sizzling dumb girl, and lots of animal sound (as he cannot afford real animal).

Why did I post my thoughts? Because I wanted to get them out of my head... Watch the movie, it is certainly thought provoking, in a diffrent way!

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