Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The power of 3 words!

Wait, wait, not those 3 words... I am talking of "Poore pachaas hajaar". Amongst the supporting characters in Sholay, Sambha shot to fame immediately. But do you know, he said only 3 words in the entire movie? Yes he did! watch the movie one more time. I am sure he might have said those 3 life changing words million times throughout his life.

Sholay was Mac Mohan's 12th movie. He has acted in 156 movies till date. In his recent movie "Luck By Chance", his only dialog was: "Poore pachaas hajaar"!

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rakesh said...

MacMohan passes away at 71. He was suffering from Cancer. May his soul RIP.

Javed Akhtar, who penned those famous lines, says only Macmohan could have done justice to them. "The way he sat on the hillock, overlooking Gabbar's den, was a sight to behold," the noted writer-lyricist said.